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ZAO GrandMotors Engineering Company Ltd

Sales department Rent department UPS department Installation department Engineering department Plant Development department Service department
ZAO «GrandMotors» — Strategy of Success
A number of vital strategic components provide impetus for growth and successful development of ZAO «GrandMotors,» shaping, as a consequence, our customers' success.

Important business components — include an in-house warehouse, a large rental fleet, in-house production facilities and in-house production facilities and a remanufacturing shop. This enables us to deliver quality diesel generating sets timely and promptly from our warehouse to customers' sites, build integrated power generating facilities  rated up to 20 MW, market uninterrupted power supplies with the capacity of up to 800 kVA and provide consumables, filters and spare parts for all supplied equipment. Therefore, we face no challenge with assembling containerized and automated diesel / gas generating sets of various capacities, ensuring superior quality of end solutions.

СA major contribution to the quality of work is made by the engineering potential available at ZAO «GrandMotors», it comprises highly skilled engineers from sales and assembly divisions,  the Company's IT infrastructure, the accumulated and ever-growing knowledge database, and the expanding expertise of employees (all personnel are on regular training programs run by leading generating sets and UPS OEMs at  their production facilities). The high engineering potential facilitates prompt delivery of quality end-to-end projects of any degree of complexity commissioning of equipment and electric equipment installation/wiring, quality servicing and testing for deploying new technologies and  designs.

An essential factor behind successful work — is, undoubtedly, the reliability of the supplied equipment. We work only with reputable generating sets & UPS manufacturers boasting a long history. Reliable diesel generating sets and uninterrupted power supplies of world class, state-of-the-art technique of the company and decency in customer relationship enable us to keep rendering services of high quality and expand the clientele.

Hi-tech Service Center. Appropriate equipment and technical personnel trained at European operations make it possible to effect troubleshooting and comprehensive servicing such as power generating sets service and repairs of any level of sophistication (including overhaul of diesel engines and repairs of uninterrupted power supplies). This also facilitates start-up and commissioning for diesel gensets of any capacity including multi-unit diesel gensets and uninterrupted power supplies. Superb technical base of the Company enables quality service of power generating equipment by renowned world manufacturers.
    GrandMotors Service Center today:
  • 40 mobile service teams on service cars;
  • training provided at operations of world leading engine brands (Cummins, John Deere, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Perkins);
  • 1,500 sq. m fully equipped state-of-the-art shop;
  • spare parts / expendables (filters, lubricants, etc.) warehouse;
  • dedicated service programs and equipment (software, service codes, literature).

We should also mention our, ample financial opportunities and and flexible instruments, like lease, rent. Rent of our diesel gensets with generating power up to  1675 kVA, inclusive, and multimachine diesel gensets and energy parks — generating up to 30 000 kVt, ensure quality and independent from centralized networks electricity supply within shortest terms and at optimum price.

The guarantee of our service quality, is the fact that we have everything needed to provide the best service: company friendliness in relation to our customers and competitors, knowledge of the market and relative equipment, experience in realization of the most complicated projects, skills of analyzing and perfection, certificates and licenses (including those issued by GOSSTROY and Russian Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Atomic Supervision "RosTekhNadzor").

Our company regularly holds training sessions for our specialists at plants of the leading European manufacturers of diesel gensets, small, medium, and large scale power stations, and uninterruptible power systems.

Our articles оn diesel gensets market analysis are based on the long-term experience of our specialists, expert knowledge of the real possibilities of the European and non-European manufacturers.

With the help of our considerable experience at this field, and the entire analytical report on the topic we can guarantee the authenticity of the information we give to our customers, concerning machine quality and production of diesel gensets at plants.

We do not claim to be the best — we are simply  dependable and are striving to become the best

Long term cooperation and continuous supplies of diesel and gasoline gensets, and uninterruptible power systems.
Long term cooperation of our company with reputable manufacturers of diesel gensets and uninterruptible power systems (over 100 000 units per year, specialization of plants and our company, use of the equipment in over 150 countries of the world) gives you reliability, flawless quality, great choice, guaranty, service, and technical support. We have found the best brands long ago and do not put quality experiments on our customers.
Our company offers the best variety of machinery, machinery that is reliable and whose quality has been confirmed by long-term sales and use.
Our specialists, specially trained abroad, will help you to choose specific, clear, and custom-fit configuration without front-payment.

Serial production, quality, prices
Serial production of world-known diesel gensets and uninterruptible power systems (ups) Serial production of world-known diesel, gasoline gensets and uninterruptible power systems (ups) and our long-term cooperation allows us to decrease the price and increase equipment reliability.
ISO 9001 and Qualigen (highest quality) - production of diesel and gasoline gensets these are the standards that certify our diesel and gasoline gensets which guarantees flawless quality, best service and reasonable price.
Considerable stock of diesel engines and generators on our foreign partners' plants, as well as wide stock of the most popular diesel gensets and UPSs at our in-house storage facilities, allows us to offer best prices to our customers and ensures flexible approach to offering basic power sets and diesel gensets and UPS configurations.

Diesel gensets which we offer are widely used in ministries of defense in many countries of the world, in NATO, at especially important objects of UN, and in other 152 countries of the world, including Russia.

Options, model variety, reasonable price
Optional set allows you to configure the necessary parameters of a diesel or gasoline genset, not paying too much. Wide selection of equipment allows you to choose exactly what you need in the specific situation. At our in-house warehouse facilities we have all popular diesel and gasoline genset models, and UPSs.
All we do is professional consulting and making recommendations, leaving the right of choice to you, because choosing a diesel or gasoline genset or a UPS must be deliberate and based on initial needs.
Before you pay, you shall know what you are paying for and will never be disappointed.

Discounts and special offers.
discounts for diesel and gasoline gensets, diesel compressors, and currency stabilizersWe give discounts and special partnership terms in case of subsequent purchases.
We always move towards our customers and are ready to give you best prices for diesel and gasoline gensets, diesel compressors, and currency stabilizers.
We can always talk over and reach the best solution and offer the best partnership terms.

All diesel and gasoline gensets and UPSs are tested before shipment.All diesel and gasoline gensets and UPSs are tested before shipment. Thus we are sure in the quality of diesel and gasoline gensets.
Our own test benches allow testing of gensets with output power of up to 2 000 kWt under full load.

We offer service of diesel and gasoline gensets and UPSs on the entire territory of Russia.

Postsale service.
доставка оборудованияWe shall deliver portable diesel and gasoline gensets, welding sets, and currency stabilizers, and do shipment to other regions. Now there is no need to loose time getting to office.

Informational support
We will provide you with all necessary information concerning our products in Russian and train you to use them.
Our purpose is to give you objective information concerning what products are selling in the market, what is recommended by other companies specialists, and how it is going to work under your conditions.

8 departments

1. Sales department
1—3000 kVA gensets
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2. Rent department
30—1675 kVA gensets (in synchronized mode - up to 30 000 kVA). Diesel compressors. Lighting masts.
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3. UPS department
Uninterruptible power systems 3—800 kVA, complex solutions and systems of the guaranteed power supply.
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4. Plant
Containers "Sever", module gensets, portable diesel gensets
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5. Engineering department
Gensets automation and synchronization, remote monitoring, R&D
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6. Installation department
Equipment mounting and commissioning
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7. Service department
Pre-sale preparation, equipment service and repair
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8. Development department
Wide dealership and service network in the entire Russia
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